Marbella Party Food – “The Art or Science of Good Eating”

Marbella Party Food was born out of a passion for cooking excellence and a desire to produce food that rises above the conventional.

We are perfectionists and our professionalism, enthusiasm and obsession for detail is what makes us exceptional.

Our range of international cuisine comes with a wealth of experience. We are continually experimenting with new ingredients and flavours and strive to produce innovative dishes that will excite the palate.

Marbella Party Food has now introduced the concept of presenting an entire menu in canapé style. This has proved very successful. Breakfast, Luncheon, Tea and Dinner  menus chosen from our online brochure allow your friends or clients to experience a wealth of flavours, exquisitely presented.

Our expertise is in supplying canapés for private cocktail parties and corporate promotions.  

An experienced member of our staff will assist you to choose a menu and ensure that your event will be exactly as you imagined.
We can  provide a full chef and waiter service or alternatively, we can deliver canapés to your home or business.

We demand the best from ourselves in order to deliver the best to you.